Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

solve-problems.com review

solve-problems.com review

Solve Problems Shop Review

Today, we plunged into the most hidden corners of the Internet and found a rather interesting site selling fake banknotes. It is located at https://solve-problems.com/. Now, we will share our general as well as a detailed impression of this site.

The Products review

Fake money that looks real opens up a huge field for activities that you might not even have thought about before. The Solve Problems shop offers its potential customers a wide selection of products, including even a money developer machine. 

Let’s go through their list in order.

Among the Solve Problems shop products, you will find counterfeit fake USD bills, as well as Euros and Chinese Yuan. What else do you need? The customer’s choice is not limited here by the most popular currencies. The shop is also selling:

  • British pounds
  • Qatari Riyal
  • Colombian peso
  • Pakistan Rupee
  • Swiss Franc, and others

The list goes on and on. The reason why many undetectable counterfeit banknotes stores offer the broadest possible assortment is simple. With their help, you can get out of financial hassle at a fair price and perhaps never again think about making ends meet. In other words, literally, solve your problems!

Clients of such organizations use fakes not only in shops and casinos but also at a bank or ATM. According to the sellers’ assurances, you can first indulge in money shopping and then process fake money with ease. Recognizing their identity with topical money tends to be 100%. The description of each currency lists all degrees of protection that have been applied for this effect.

The store operates worldwide and promises fast and discreet delivery to anywhere in the world.

Also, on the website are photographs of each type of counterfeit banknote so that you can see with your own eyes what you are going to purchase.

You can learn more about degrees of protection by reading their description. For example, the organization insists that it prints its fakes on real cotton paper. The same source is used in the manufacture of state money. 

The site also claims the use of several security means to make the counterfeit money identical to the original banknotes. Among them are holograms, watermarks, iridescent stripes, and foil.

Also, the manufacturer emphasizes high-quality printing, which provides visual similarity. Tactile sensations and the characteristic crunch of real money are also given due attention.

Solve Problems fake money shop claims to be a top-notch manufacturer that deserves the number one title on the Darknet. They also note the low price of cash shopping with them and offer discounts.

In addition to fake banknotes, this store offers various solutions for money discoloration. If you aim to clean your black money, you can supposedly shop here, too.

The Page

Let’s also say a few words about the design of the site. The main page immediately brings you up to date. There are no extra distracting elements or catchy banners with inviting slogans in all colors of the rainbow. 

Everything is fairly standard, simple, and straightforward. Uncomplicated navigation through sections is provided. After going a little further through the site, you can find a brief description of the company itself and what it does, see the catalog and contacts.

Some Disadvantages 

We could not help but check the whois parameter, and here is what we found out. The domain of Solve Problems was registered on the 21st of February 2020. The registrar is Shinjiru MSC Sdn Bhd, and the IP site location is the United States, MA.

Despite all of the above and statements by the site itself, the institution looks a little suspicious. 

First, the registration date is not credible. In order not to be based on only one age of the site, we decided to undergo trial registration. To our surprise, after entering all of the necessary data (name and email), the site stopped working, and the script did not execute. On the second attempt, the situation remained unchanged.

Also, the number of reviews on the site itself leaves much to be desired; namely, they simply do not exist.

We decided to look for more numerous feedback on specialized forums and discovered a suspicious detail. 

The vast majority of reviews contained information that the Solve Problems shop accepts payment for an order in bitcoins and disappears from the radar. The reports also say that you can even receive an answer to the email after payment, but you will not see your treasured package.

All of this leads us to believe that this site may well be involved in fraud. We will be happy if you help us and everyone else to understand this situation. Please describe your own experience with this company in the comments if you have encountered this before.

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