Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

cash-money.org review

cash-money.org review

Money Cashier Shop Review

This time we decided to review the Money Cashier counterfeit securities shopping center located at https://cash-money.org/ 

We will tell you what thoughts we had in interacting with this site and share some handy conclusions.

The Products review

Money Cashier shop offers a wide selection of all kinds of counterfeit products for every taste. If you’re struggling to fix a hole in your budget, or occasionally dream of a more luxurious lifestyle, this company might interest you.

The store offers several currencies, among which you can find:

  • Counterfeit fake USD bills
  • Australian dollars
  • British pounds
  • Euros
  • Canadian dollars

You can choose counterfeit banknotes in the required denomination. These currencies can be used for a wide variety of needs. They are not limited to luxury shopping or casino visits. 

Since undetectable counterfeit banknotes can be used even in banking operations, you can replenish your funds with their help, pay off debts, or start a nest egg for days of need. However, the store strongly recommends that its customers refrain from visiting the bank directly for the best customer experience dealing with fakes.

The manufacturer assures that ATM’s will accept the counterfeit money with a probability of it turning into six-figure digits in your account, up to 80% of the time.  

According to Money Cashier shop, high product quality is the key to success. The warranty is based on the use of holograms, UV-prints, and all the microprint needed. Furthermore, Money Cashier assures you of following the latest trends in counterfeiting and compulsory attention to the current degrees of protection.

Also on the site, you will see a certain number of product photos. They reflect the color similarity of counterfeits to real money and give you a picture of what you can get.

As befits such stores, Money Cashier promises fast delivery on the same day of order, free shipping for a certain order amount, and the placement of the package anywhere in the world. 

All parcels are accompanied by a tracking number that is only available to you. Delivery is carried out in the most usual way, not attracting attention — no extra writing on the parcel whatsoever. There is also no need to meet with a company representative.

Money Cashier describes itself as a top-notch store with the best product quality on the Darknet. They also note the timely tracking of the latest defenses to generate fake money that look like real banknotes.

Here is a shortlist of other products that you can also see on the site:

  • Fake and real IDs to change your identity
  • SS cards & numbers
  • Passports
  • Driver’s Licenses

Overall, this store provides quite a few useful tools for your calls.

The Page

The site design is quite simple and straightforward. There is a funny cash register logo. The movable banner allows you to evaluate the most popular products immediately. Navigating through the sections will not take too much time to get your bearings. The description of each product contains detailed information about the properties and benefits. The FAQ section is also recommended for visiting.

Some Disadvantages

Let’s take a look at the technical details of the Money Cashier website. When checking whois, it turns out that the domain was registered not so long ago, the number is listed as 2019-12-28. Shinjiru MSC Sdn Bhd was the registrar. The IP site location is the United States, MA.

However, this is not precisely what alarmed us. The fact is that we had certain difficulties with placing an order. At first, the site stubbornly hung up and gave a script error when trying to register. 

Then, when we finally succeeded in the procedure, there was the anxious expectation of waiting to be contacted. To our chagrin, this never happened. We have not received a confirmation email or a call from the Money Cashier shop.

As a result of this incident, we decided to look for more information on our own. After combing through specialized forums, we came to several disappointing conclusions. First, there weren’t very many reviews. And those that we all managed to find unanimously affirmed the negative side of the site.

It turned out that there were successful registrations and calls, but this store does not send products after payment. It is noteworthy that these reviews talk about payments with cryptocurrencies, and transactions that cannot be tracked, or returned if the site turns out to be fraudulent.

We do not want you to lose your bitcoins, so we do not recommend contacting this store.

What do you think? Please leave your comments under this article to help us understand the situation and save other people from making a fatal financial mistake.

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