Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

undetectedbanknotes.com review

undetectedbanknotes.com review

Recently, we decided to thoroughly study the market for good old-fake money. Among many other sites, www.undetectedbanknotes.com attracted our attention. And today, we will talk about our impression of it.

The Products

As befits a similar office, Undetected Bank Notes offers a wide selection of cash of all possible types. You can find counterfeit fake USD bills here, as well as:

  • Australian dollar
  • British pound
  • Mexican Peso
  • Swiss franc
  • Euro
  • South Korean Won, and some other currencies.

A wide range of offered fakes can help you out regardless of location, opening up opportunities in more than 20 countries of the world, not to mention settlements abroad.

Here on the site, you will find photos of the counterfeit banknotes. Thanks to this, you can evaluate what you are going to purchase before investing actual money.

The site does not skimp on the detailed description of the degrees of protection used, such as micro-lettering, UV features, and others. Work in this area is necessary to minimize the likelihood of detecting the counterfeit. 

If you want to buy fake money that looks like it’s real, make sure that the company uses the most degrees of protection. In addition to all other security degrees, the site also states that their fake notes are made from the same materials as genuine money.

High-quality counterfeit money allows you to use it in various situations. In most cases, even banks cannot distinguish a fake from the state currency. Not to mention the ATMs that accept your paper with reasonably high efficiency up to 100% of the time. Many clients use undetectable counterfeit banknotes in stores and casinos.

Undetected Bank Notes, without too much shyness, calls itself the leader of fake money in the Darknet, that uses the latest and greatest technology. Also, on the site, you can read the manufacturer’s assurances of exceptional quality and 100% undetectability of their faux money.

It is worth mentioning that the Undetected Bank Notes shop also offers other products, such as:

  • Fake documents
  • SSD Chemical solution for dark prints cleaning
  • Holographic strips
  • Watermarks, and more for your own little counterfeit business.

However, we must note that there are no photos of these offers on the site.

As expected, the site promises convenient delivery as soon as possible with the complete preservation of personal data from prying eyes.

The Page

Let us also pay attention to the site itself. It has a discreet but attractive design. Style is characterized as a combination of dynamism and conciseness.

Convenient navigation makes it easy to find any needed section. Each section offers useful information, from general information about the company to exciting facts about fake money. In the section “Our Products,” you will find a detailed description of more than twenty types of bills.

The creators of the site strived to make a favorable impression. The site even has buttons for subscribing to social networks.

Some Disadvantages

After checking whois, we found that the domain was registered 2019-10-28 by Shinjiru MSC Sdn Bhd Registrar. The IP site is located in the USA, LA.

Despite the initial visual appeal, this fake money selling site looks suspicious. There are not so many photos of the offered products for potential customers, but this may be our subjective assessment. To dispel our doubts about the poor quality of the services provided, we tried to contact the company through the contact form provided on the site. 

We have entered all the necessary data, such as name and email. Having not received an answer, we tried to enter the data again, indicating the real name and double-checking the email’s spelling. We also provided a phone number in case of a double-check from the store. The second time we also didn’t find the reply message in any folder, including spam.

This alerted us even more, so we decided to look for reviews on Undetected Bank Notes on the Internet. A few reports on the forums boil down to the fact that this store accepts cryptocurrencies as payment, but does not send paid items. All of the above suggests that the site is fraudulent.

We will be happy to confirm or deny the conclusions made based on your feedback. Please share your thoughts in the comments section and leave a review of this store for the community.

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