Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

Review of realnotesinc.com

Review of realnotesinc.com

There may be a time when you are forced to use counterfeit banknotes. Believe us; many people do this because of the need, not for fun. Often the current financial system does not let people earn money in a fair way. People are looking for different methods to survive and usually find them. To pay with fake money that look like real, in such cases, is the lesser of two evils.

Those who have decided to try this way of dealing with their financial problems should know about the potential underwater rocks. On the Darknet, there are a lot of different online stores offering a wide range of undetectable counterfeit banknotes. Not everyone is aware of how to check the resource and determine whether it is worth trusting or not. In some cases, the clients pay money and do not receive any product. We will show you using a particular example of what to pay attention to.

Example of the Website with Counterfeit Money

We took from Google search one website https://www.realnotesinc.com/. This online store offers a massive list of counterfeit fake USD and other currencies on the Darknet. The statement on the site is very impressive: 100% quality and the best service ever. As a normal counterfeit money store, it has a wide range of pictures with fake banknotes of various denominations.

Here you may find:

  • EUR – Euro
  • USD – US Dollar
  • GBP – British Pound
  • INR – Indian Rupee
  • AUD – Australian Dollar
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar
  • AED – Emirati Dirham
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
  • NZD – New Zealand Dollar
  • SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • PLN – Polish Zloty
  • And many others

The uncomfortable thing is that you do not see the prices of the products. Even an approximate range is not available, only upon request. The descriptions could be better, but they are enough to understand that the seller is proud of his goods. Also, the company states the following:

  • 100% undetectable counterfeit banknotes that look and feel real. The latest technology is used to produce them. The bills are secure to use in any of these areas: supermarkets, shops, bars, casinos, money changers, and stores.
  • The best and most unique in this business with 15 years’ experience.
  • Delivery of the counterfeit money directly to your home without the interference of customs.
  • The money is perfectly reproduced with eight months guarantee.
  • There is a huge quantity in stock.

Design of the Website

Well, nothing technically specific was revealed on this website. The look of the site is uncomplicated, just text and pictures. 

The color palette consists of white, black, and purple. Of course, there are a lot of standard images with counterfeit banknotes. The layout is understandable, but the text and naming are confusing and not very well prepared. For example, the fonts are too different. In some places, you may see the usage of two languages simultaneously. 

For some reason, they included a considerable list of hashtags on the pages. Frankly speaking, this is not helping. The overall impression is that this online store was launched very fast. There is nothing unique, only necessary information to sell the counterfeit money. 

The dropdown menus, forms, and buttons work with only a slight delay. Page and information loading time is fast enough. Nothing unusual was detected during the design studding. Only general information is given regarding the products and services. We found it insufficient to trust this resource.

After checking the whois, we revealed that the domain was registered less than a year ago on 2019-01-11 with a registrar Name: Silo, LLC. The IP site is in the USA, Phoenix.

Check-in Action

We have already gained a first impression, but it is necessary to check the service anyway. Otherwise, this review is not really valid. We tried to register on the https://www.realnotesinc.com/ as potential customers and buy counterfeit fake USD. Because of some technical errors or bugs, we did not receive a confirmation email. We did it several times from different devices. No result. Well, obviously, the website is losing potential buyers if they are experiencing these kinds of challenges.

We decided to study several private forums to find any reviews or feedback regarding this online store service. As we understood later, it is good that we could not register. Some of those who could pay with cryptocurrency for the order never received it. Obviously, no cryptocurrency was returned. So, if you were able to register on this website, do not be in a hurry to buy something. 

In our opinion, such a store cannot guarantee the quality of the counterfeit banknotes or the services. We believe the site is fraudulent. However, we are waiting for your comments to see whether we are right or wrong. Maybe there is something additional that we have missed while checking https://www.realnotesinc.com/, which sells fake money that look like real.

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