Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

Review of www.fakemoneylab.com

Review of www.fakemoneylab.com


Counterfeit money is becoming more and more widespread. Some people may use them even without noticing it for quite a long time. However, there are some challenges when a person decides to buy fake money that look like real. First of all, that kind of activity is not legal, as you definitely understand. For this reason, the way of using counterfeit banknotes and the way you get them is dangerous enough.

Nowadays, a lot of websites offer safe and undetectable counterfeit banknotes. There is a considerable risk of being deceived on these websites. Obviously, no one will inform the police that he or she bought some fakes that were of low quality. That is the reason why you should be very careful and attentive while visiting such websites. Here in this article, we provide some information with a specific example.

Example of a Website with Counterfeit Money

One of the websites we have found on Google is https://www.fakemoneylab.com. This resource offers an extensive list of fake bills on the Darknet. It claims to be the best site in this area of interest. The site has a wide range of photos with fake banknotes in various denominations.

Here you may find:

  • Counterfeit fake USD (from $5 to $100)
  • Counterfeit fake EURO (from 5€ to 200€)
  • Pesos, Francs, Yen, Dirham, Yuan, Dinar, Won, Russian Ruble, and many others.

Prices and the description of the degrees of protection for the different types are also shown. As expected, the seller states the following:

  • Their counterfeit money is 100% undetectable. It means that their banknotes can easily pass for real money without any problems.
  • Their counterfeit money looks 100% genuine. Also, they feel completely real. You will never be able to detect it with touch lighting of any security thread on the banknote.
  • Quick and reliable shipping is provided. They can ship the products to all locations worldwide. The processing of the documents is as fast as possible, and you will get it delivered in less than seven days.

Design of the Website

The look of the site is pretty simple. The color palette mostly features three colors: black, white, and purple. There are enough standard images with counterfeit banknotes and certificates. The layout is understandable, but the texts and naming may be a little bit confusing. To be honest, the overall styling is like a standard one-page shop. There is nothing special, only those things that are necessary to sell the product.

The dropdown menus, forms, buttons, and galleries are all working with only a slight delay. Nonetheless, the loading time of the page and information is fast enough. Nothing unique was detected when studying the design. Because of the lack of proper content, this website seems to be a little bit boring to us.

After checking the whois, we revealed that the domain was registered on 2019-08-22 with a registrar Launchpad, Inc. (HostGator). The IP site is in the USA, Burlington.

The Website in Action

First impressions can be deceiving. Therefore, we decided to register on the https://www.fakemoneylab.com and test it in action. Unfortunately, the confirmation email never came. Some errors on the site were continually popping up. Strange that potential buyers of counterfeit money should already experience such difficulties at the registration stage.

Since it was not possible to register, we decided to look for reviews about this store. Of course, reviews on the site itself aren’t counted. If we are to judge by them, all processes of the store are perfectly and efficiently organized.

We looked for reviews of the site on private forums. Information was found that this store accepts cryptocurrency as payment for an order, but does not deliver it. Good and bad conclusions can be drawn from this:

  • A good conclusion – there is still an opportunity to register.
  • A bad conclusion – the registration will not help you since you will not receive the order anyway.

We believe that these results are already enough to call into question the honesty of this resource. The site, in our opinion, is fraudulent. On the forums, you can find a description of other errors and inconsistencies in the working of the website. But the mere fact that not everyone receives an order makes the company unreliable. Obviously, it is too early to guarantee the quality of counterfeit banknotes and safe delivery in this case.

Well, that is the risk we’ve mentioned above. Before you buy anything on the Internet check:

  • Forums and reviews regarding the store
  • How the website looks and feels
  • Whether there are any errors and bugs

These rules are applicable to all web stores.We are waiting for your feedback on this store in the comments. Maybe there is something interesting or important that we have missed while checking https://www.fakemoneylab.com/ , which sells fake money that look like real

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  1. i didn’t receive my order.this site is a scam

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