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1X Bills Counterfeit Money Are Conquering the World to Save It

Due to the uncertain and scary financial situation of the world, people are wondering how to maintain a familiar lifestyle and not be buried in debt. The virus has attacked plenty of industries and workers. Many companies are closed, and people have no idea how to make money. We can see this all over the world, in Europe, the USA, the UK, and other regions.

The crisis will pass sooner or later; there are no doubts about that. Still, we are under a lot of pressure right now, and we need to find a way to look after ourselves and our families to make it through. Of course, counterfeit money is something that should only be used in dire straits and desperate situations. 

Anyway, once you decide to buy and use fake money, you should know which companies to trust. One such company is 1X Bills. It is a company that understands customers’ fears and worries and is ready to work hard to build long-lasting, productive relationships.


The essential product is, of course, fake currencies. 1X Bills sells:

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • MYR (Malaysian ringgit)
  • UAE (dirhams)
  • USD
  • CHF (Swiss francs)

One of the advantages of 1X Bills is that they are using the same equipment that the government of the country uses, no matter which currency you need them to fake. Customers can be absolutely sure that no UV-light or ATM will ever spot a false banknote. 

For further information about the limitless usage of money, please, contact the manager of the company. The friendly staff will be happy to help and clear everything up.

Apart from the currencies, 1X Bills can provide its customers with:

  • Different types of certificates
  • California driver’s licenses
  • Columbia driver’s licenses
  • France driver’s licenses
  • Malaysia driver’s licenses
  • Minnesota driver’s licenses
  • The UK driver’s licenses
  • The UK passport
  • France passport
  • Germany passport
  • German ID card
  • The US passport
  • Canadian Visa
  • The US Visa
  • The US ID card

Delivery and Payment

The process of placing an order is simple. You can fill in a form on the website or contact a manager using encrypted messengers like Wickr Me, Telegram, WhatsApp, or via e-mail.

The shipment is made with the help of DHL, FedEx Express or Overnight, EMS, HKEMS, and truck delivery for the EU and UK. If you don’t want the courier to put a parcel like this right at your doorstep, you can always order the delivery to some remote places, wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. 

The shipment can take from two to fourteen working days; it depends on the availability of the ordered products and the distance. For orders above 500 euros, the delivery is free. To reduce the stress for clients, 1X Bills offers to pay via Bitcoin. This method of payment is safer, as nobody will be able to trace the payment back to you. On the website, you can find out how to convert your currency into Bitcoin.


There is no review section on the website itself, so a customer will have to look for reviews by themselves. The good thing is that they are not hard to find on various theme forums. The reviews vary; there is positive as well as negative feedback.

The same equipment as the country hasYou need to contact the seller about the details; there is no info on the website
Fake banknotes can be used wherever you wantDelivery can take up to 14 working days
Encrypted messengers – 100% anonymity and securityNo info about the refund
You can pay via cryptocurrency

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