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Right now, on the Darknet, there are hundreds of sites offering counterfeit money and fake documents. The tricky part is that it’s hard to choose the one with decent quality goods. When you shop online for clothes, for example, and get a dress that does not have any resemblance to its pictures, you can demand a refund. If the seller turns out to be too greedy, you can rely on the authorities to get your money back. You can also easily find various reviews about any particular shop.

When you are looking for undetectable counterfeit banknotes, relying on the support of the law for a refund is nearly impossible. Finding reviews is also not the easiest part. So, here are some pieces of advice to help you through tough times.

Services You Can Order

We have found the bestcounterfeits.com with the hopes of getting fake money that look like real. With the help of those guys, you can order plenty of documents and currencies. For instance, you can get counterfeit fake USD, British pounds, Mexican pesos, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Euro, New Zealand dollars, Singapore dollars, Swiss francs, Russian rubles, and South Korean won.

Moreover, you can have fake IDs and driver’s licenses, social security, the USA green card, and get a helping hand with hacking a WU transfer. They also make fake Estonian, US, British, German, Swedish, and Portuguese passports. 

Delivery and Special Offers

This website claims to be the best place you can rely on, and this is clear from its name. Bestcounterfeits.com guarantees that their money will successfully deal with UV-lights, holograms, scans. 

The delivery is discreet and will be done within up to three days. If the customer is not satisfied with the quality, he will get a refund. To calm down the clients, the company is even ready to send a photo and video of your order before payment. 

Indeed, the design is welcoming. All the services are categorized, so it won’t take more than a few seconds to find details about the necessary goods. The front page has some information about discreet delivery, privacy policy, and customer support. It is quite obvious that this company’s brand has been created with care about the customers and out of respect for the workers. 

Is It Working Flawlessly?

We decided to check up on the whois, and here is what we found out. The company isn’t old; it was created on March 24, 2019, and registered by Eranet International Limited in Germany, in a city called Hessen.

Well, there is nothing to worry about, so we decided to place an order. Here is where our problems began. The site stopped working when we tried to register. The confirmation letter was supposed to be delivered to our e-mail, but nothing followed. 

We decided to look on the net for more information about this counterfeit banknotes king, as it represents itself. It was a hell of a deal, but after reaching some private forums, it became clear that this site accepts cryptocurrency, promises the moon, and then vanishes. No wonder they say that you can get a 20% discount if you prepay with Bitcoins. People still haven’t received their orders, and they probably never will. Unfortunately, this website appears to be fraudulent. 

Take Care

It’s such a shame that people are ready to make a fortune on others’ misery. When you lack money and dare to use this illegal method of getting it, it’s clear that you are desperate. It hurts to realize that people are giving away the rest of their savings to be fooled and drawn deeper into increased frustration. 

Please be careful, as much as possible, when it comes to such delicate issues. Don’t be lazy about spending an hour or two searching for website reviews. This will save you energy, money, and precious time, allowing you to spend it on something more valuable. 

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