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Do we earn money to live or vice versa? Sometimes, hard work and minimal wages seem to create a never-ending vicious cycle. At this point, many people start considering counterfeit money as a possible solution.

The Internet has a wide range of websites offering fake money. However, it’s an extremely delicate subject that requires a reliable supplier. Thus, if this is your first time searching for counterfeit banknotes, you have to be cautious. 

To foster the security of your shopping for fake money, we have reviewed some of the biggest suppliers of the darknet. In this review, we will be talking about Billsdoc.com.

About Billsdoc.com

Billsdoc is a web store that specializes in fake banknotes of five currencies:

  • US dollars
  • British pounds
  • Australian dollars
  • Euros
  • Canadian dollars 

The company claims to have 12 years of experience in the forgery business. The “About Us” section of the website explains that Billsdoc.com has a developed network and vast experience in creating undetectable counterfeit banknotes that you can use for any purpose. 

The website’s whois states that the domain was registered in Massachusetts, US on December, 28 2018. Besides, Billsdoc appears to be strict with the privacy policy and indicates that it does not share customers’ data with third parties.

Billsdoc.com allows clients to choose from several payment options, including:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Also, as soon as the Billsdoc webpage loads, you will see a chat window. Since the website does not have a FAQ section, you can use the online chatbot option for your queries. What is more, the “Contact Us” tab also offers a contact form, phone number, email, and mailing address.

Is Billsdoc.com Trustworthy?

Billsdoc.com webpage appears to be well-maintained, and the site’s navigation is straightforward and efficient. However, even though Billsdoc looks presentable visually, we decided to focus more on what is beneath the surface. Here is what caught our attention.

  1. Absence of a FAQ Section

Billsdoc claims to have 12 years of experience as a supplier of counterfeit banknotes. Surprisingly, the company’s web page does not contain a FAQ section, which is typically present in organizations dealing with subjects that regularly raise questions.

  1. No Customer Feedback

Billsdoc has no reviews from clients available neither on the website itself nor on other feedback platforms. The only comment available is on Trustpilot, featuring negative impressions under a four-star rating.

  1. Support Team Not Active

We have tested the pop-up chat window at Billsdoc’s main page several times in the span of two workdays. Even though the automatic message showed that the support team was active, no one responded to any of the queries. The support team also did not reply to inquiries via WhatsApp. 

  1. Edited Images

The main page greets customers with a large photo depicting hundred-dollar bills. The image is clearly edited. As the user scrolls down the page, more similar visuals appear, demonstrating Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and British Pounds. 

Overall, the website does not contain trustworthy examples of fake money that look like real, but rather stock images and edited photos. This fact, undoubtedly, does not add up to the reliability of the supplier.

  1. No Delivery Information

Neither of the website’s sections contains information on the delivery terms of products. Supposedly, you might receive information after submitting a contact request on the webpage. However, after testing this function, we have not received any reply from the company’s representatives.


If you are planning to buy counterfeit fake USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, or AUD banknotes, Billsdoc may seem like a suitable option from the first glance. But is it a trustworthy seller?

Billsdoc.com claims to be a web store that has earned a reputation among clients throughout its 12-year experience in the counterfeit money business. However, the supplier does not have any real feedback on the web, portfolio, or support team to contact for inquiries. All these factors do not work in favor of Billsdoc and show it as, most likely, an unreliable store.

Have you ever ordered fake banknotes from Billsdoc.com? Whether your experience was positive or negative, let us know in the comments section below!

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