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Fake 100 Dollar Bill

Who doesn’t like $100 Benjamin Franklins? Its smell, touch and look allures millions around the world. This significant note can solve many problems, especially when it comes in bunches with its brothers. Sometimes the need for them is so urgent that people turn to counterfeit 100-dollar bills. 

From the History of Fake $100

The 100-dollar bill is probably one of the most popular counterfeit banknotes that has ever been produced. There is even a particular term – a superdollar. The superdollar refers to a high-quality fake $100 note. They have been in operation worldwide for years. Moreover, many were produced beyond the USA.

In the eternal fight between the US government and counterfeit producers, both used several techniques to overpower the opponent. The government has changed the look of the $100 bill several times. 

This was supposed to become an obstacle for counterfeiting. For example, the latest version (from 2013 until now) incorporates a 3D security ribbon, microprinting, and color-shifting numerals and drawings. The shadow money producers have been striking back advanced printing technologies. 

The Security Features to Pay Attention to 

As we mentioned before, the U.S. government has constantly been changing the design of the $100 banknote to throw a splinter into the works of counterfeiters. Therefore, the security features differ according to the year of production. The last version of the brand-new Franklins was designed seven years ago – in 2013. It includes several security features:

  • Security fibers
  • Watermark
  • 3D security ribbon
  • Security thread
  • Color shifting ink
  • Microprinting
  • Raised printing
  • EURion constellation.

To make sure that your counterfeit 100-dollar bill won’t provoke any questions, it’s better to check the existence of all the features. Here is how you can do this:

  • Test the raised printing. It must be felt on the shoulder.
  • Check the serial number. It must comply with the series. The banknotes from the 2009 series begin with J, from 2009A begin with L.
  • Look for color-changing ink. The bell in the copper-colored inkwell on the obverse side must change to green while looking from a different angle.
  • Find the microprinting. The note must have the sharply written text, “The United States of America” around Franklin’s jacket collar; “USA 100” around the white space with the portrait; and “100 USA” around the quill pen.
  • Look at the note through the light. Check the existence of Franklin’s portrait watermark on the right side on the obverse. Moreover, there must be a security thread to the left from the portrait.
  • Find the 3D security ribbon. It’s placed almost in the middle of the banknote.

The list of security features is not excessive, yet it covers the main aspects. This is likely to help you ensure the quality of the counterfeit $100 banknotes. Therefore, you will be sure of the quality and stay calm when paying with money. To lower the risk of poor quality counterfeits, deal with reliable sellers only.

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