Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

Fraudster Caught Sending Fake Bills by Mail

Fraudster Caught Sending Fake Bills by Mail

The devil is in the details. Do not relax until you have finished the job. Unfortunately, Nikita Schelgunov did not know this. A smart guy was able to buy fake banknotes, easily exchange them for real ones, and then he was caught by police.

How to Get Fake Bills

You may be wondering how you can get to buy bills online. 

Very easily, as it turns out!

Experienced users will spend no more than half an hour on this. Those who are only now moving to the dark side will have to study a couple of systems:

  • TOR is a proxy server system that allows you to establish an anonymous Internet connection. While using this system, you can find a seller.
  • Skrill is an electronic payment system with which you can send and receive money, knowing only the e-mail of the recipient. It is needed to pay for the purchase of counterfeit money.

That’s how our hero Nikita received four banknotes of 50 euros per mailbox. It took only two weeks.

Real Pizza for Fake Fifty Dollars

How did Nikita decide to use the fakes? In the summer of 2017th, he ordered a pizza for home delivery around midnight. Of course, the guy understood that it is essential not to leave any personal information. Therefore, he indicated the address of a neighboring house. Nikita got the pizza and the change without any problems. The courier did not notice that the 50 euros were fake, and returned to the car. Only in the car, he decided to check the bill, as it seemed too smooth.

Later the courier said to the police that he worked out that the banknote was fake because it had a sticker on it. Of course, the courier tried to chase the night customer but did not find him. Nikita ran away with real money, pizza, and his phone switched off. As it turned out later, he gave the pizza to a homeless person. His goal was only to exchange his fake money for real money.

The courier immediately went to the police to report the crime. However, they were not able to help. There were a few clues, and the investigation dragged on.

Two months later, Nikita decided to exchange money again. Since law enforcement agencies still hadn’t reached him, the scheme seemed to be working. He chose to spend fake money in a small shop at the Baltic Station, at the hand-made fair and the Central Market. Such places are often used to exchange counterfeit money. It is necessary to choose sellers who are busy with work, and who have many buyers waiting in line. 

Fake bills are usually hidden between real ones. If necessary, the counterfeiter diverts the cashier’s attention using other methods.

The inattention of the cashiers paid off. The fakes were only found when Nikita was already far away. As the sellers told the police later, they worked out that something was amiss only a few minutes later. Colleagues helped recognize a fake in the bill. According to investigators, often, if the seller does not notice the fake notes, they give them to another client as change.

Stay Away from the Shops

Literally, two seconds are enough for a store employee to verify the authenticity of a banknote. Police officers explain that big retailers are definitely teaching their employees how to verify banknotes. Another second is enough to call a security company patrol. What happens next is obvious. But there is no panic button on the market counter.

The investigation established that Nikita paid using fakes at least nine times. No one except Nikita knows the real number of times. He used them to buy cheap things, often to exchange fake money for real money. When he spent all the fake banknotes, he ordered new ones. 

However, on the Internet, you can not only buy ready-made notes – you can obtain everything you need in order to produce them yourself. The most widespread things are holograms. Thus, if you are able to print money, you can order individual holograms and stick them on. 

Of course, these people with a criminal past who sell fake banknotes or holograms will assure the safety of the transaction. Most of the buyers forget that the weak point is delivery. Money is sent by regular mail. All regular letters are checked, and counterfeit money can be found easily.

One small and funny example happened in 2018. The attention of law enforcement authorities was attracted by a criminal who bought fake banknotes online. They found several fake 50 euro bills. 

When they searched home, they found another 90 counterfeit notes – 20 euros each. In his defense, he said that he just wanted to impress Instagram followers with his fortune. The court did not approve of this method of increasing your self-esteem and passed a sentence of three years on probation. Obviously not the best way to impress people.

No Happy Ending

Nikita was caught during another purchase of fake money. A batch of 15 counterfeit bills was intercepted at customs. A criminal case was opened on Nikita. During the investigation, they found a connection with six other cases. The assistant prosecutor is sure that sooner or later, the criminal will have to bear responsibility for his actions. 

Nikita received two years of probation. No one will compensate the sellers and shops for their financial losses. There is no certainty that the investigation revealed all the transactions made with the counterfeit money.

According to statistics last year, the number of detected fake banknotes was twice as many as the year before. So, in a couple of years, we may find out about some other smart guy who cashed in on someone’s carelessness.

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