Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

How to buy drugs with fake usd notes, 2024 method.

Getting Drugs with Counterfeit Notes: How, Where and What to Do to Not Get Caught

Everyone, at least once, has thought to themselves how can I buy stuff with fake money. To some, this is just a thought, but if you happen to come into possession of counterfeit banknotes, the idea of spending them becomes extremely tempting. 

Especially, in case you are an avid adventure seeker and love trying out various substances, you may get extra curious about all the ways to buy your drugs. Let’s explore what might be a better way to spend your fake cash. 

Transactions with a dealer are a risky business; however, you put it. Mostly, both you and the other party will worry about hearing those sirens heading your way and seeing the blue lights flash around the corner. The last thing your “guy” will probably do is look at the notes you’re handing them. 

Frankly, dealers all over the world are used to getting fake cash. Usually, it’s not in their interest to waste precious time checking the notes for one or two drug baggies. So, if buying large quantities is not what you’re after, chances are nobody will pay attention when you slip that fake note into their hand. After all, there are bigger fish to fry than to fret over a few hundred fake bucks.

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Still, if you’re coming to a new dealer in town or someone who only trades in specific amounts, they may appear to be more aware of such things, than those managing greater numbers. They are absolutely more prone to checking the money they get in return for their stuff. 

3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Spending Your Fake Cash in 2024

Before you head off running to hand over your fake USD notes to your supplier happily, here are a few things to help you close the deal without any hiccups:

  1. Know Your Guy

Get to know your dope dealer, see if they’re chill and easy going. This will be beneficial for both sides to make each of you more comfortable with one another. Once they trust you, it won’t really matter what kind of cash you owe them; they will probably know what to do with it anyway. 

There are those who are totally aware that you’re giving them fake money. Why don’t they mind? They know they will find the use of it eventually. Many dealers on the black market make their trades with fake cash, as there is little to no way for someone to rat them out, considering they are already running an illegal business. 

Be Confident

You can still try and work your way around the situation, if you don’t really know the person, by appearing confident and cunning enough. You want to come across as someone who knows what they’re doing, keep your head straight, but always check that your fake money looks real enough. Better to be safe than sorry and on the run from one real angry dealer, right?

Be Honest and Try Not to Burn Bridges

One thing in the drug-dealing world is that you shouldn’t try to run away from your dealer the second you get your goodies. First, you will hand down need them before they need you. 

Secondly, this can make you look like a fraud, and you might then find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. By the latter, we mean, in case the dealer finds out you fed them counterfeit money and behaved like a rat, they may come after you or send their lawyers, if the supplier has a good name on the market. 

To sum up, no, finding drugs you can buy for fake USD notes isn’t that hard. It all depends on your wit, connections, and the way you handle things. Although, definitely do not speculate this way of doing things too often. Karma may come after you, even if the dealers don’t.

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