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How to Buy Stuff with Fake Money 2024

Perhaps there were circumstances when you were forced to use fake money. Believe us; many people do this not for entertainment, but because they need to. Often the current financial system does not let people earn money in a fair way. It seems to only be taking money from you in the form of taxes and other payments. People are looking for different ways to survive and usually find them.

Personal Safety

If one day, you have to use fake money, be prepared to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not leave any personal information. Do not use real names, addresses, or phone numbers. Try to be invisible to other people, and make your appearance less memorable. 
  • Choose appropriate places to use fake money. Do not go to the big shops and retailers. Avoid areas with CCTV cameras.
  • Use real banknotes with the fake ones. It is less suspicious.
  • Do not spend all your counterfeit money in one place. Do not come back to a place where you have already spent it.

Remember that every action begins with safety measures. Whatever you decide to do, think about personal safety before anything else.

Best Places to Exchange Fake money and Buy Stuff

When you finally get your money, the next step is to use it properly. Here are some hints for you on how not to be caught.

Food Delivery Services

You may order pizza or sushi and pay with fakes. Do not say your private address, choose neighboring houses. It is better to do it at night so that nobody sees you and your money in detail. After you received the change and your order, go away. The courier might work out that he was cheated and will try to chase you. By the way, choose another phone number to order.

Flea and Hand-Made Markets

Find somewhere far away from where you live. It is more convenient to spend time on the road than in jail. You may buy some necessary stuff there. Go at a time when there are a lot of people. Usually, sellers in such markets are busy with customers and in a hurry, especially if there is a line. You may get something useful for you. Leave the place immediately after you pay and get change.


Workers in huge supermarkets are trained to identify fake notes quickly and call the police. In small stalls, this is not the case. It is another chance for you to buy the necessary goods. It is better not to use large bills there. Large banknotes are suspicious for the sellers in stalls, and it takes more time to find change. 


Well, you may try to buy something from them. Gypsies will be happy to get your money. Be aware that it is likely that you will purchase something stolen, and the change might be counterfeit. However, they will never call the police.

Small Illegal Shops

Some shops are selling alcohol to young people illegally. If there are no cameras, you can try to buy something there. In most cases, they will not inform the police. They do not need anyone to pay additional attention to their activities.

We hope you will never have to use our advice. However, it is more important to survive than to follow the system rules. To use fake money in such cases is the lesser of two evils.

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