Darknet shops review. Counterfeit fake banknotes.

How to Use Fake Money (2024)

No one is immune from fakes. People may use counterfeit money even without noticing it for a long time. Anyway, there may be some problems; unless you are the person who wants to act more or less like a Robin Hood. Fake money may be the instrument of noble retribution and karmic payment.

Below you will find the top five fairest ways to use them.

Rob the Thief. Use fake money in 2024.

Each city has a gypsy or flea market where everyone can buy everything. The honesty rating is not very high here. Most of the things are stolen, customers are deceived. It is not the best market place, but some people do not have any other possibility to survive. Only in such areas, they can find the necessary things for an appropriate price. Such an act of revenge for all of the times you were humiliated and insulted.

Try to find a dishonest person and buy something from him. You will restore the balance of good and evil. Do it once and leave the market.

Ruin the Vicious System

Beggars run the most profitable business. The hierarchy is so diverse and developed that you will be surprised when you realize how much they gain. Kind and compassionate people give them the money they earned with decent work. Is it fair? No. You may at least try to ruin this system.

Give the money to beggars. Thus, their leader will collect this fake money and start to use them. There is a possibility that they attract unwanted attention from the legal side. You may probably help someone who is truly in need, giving money to the fake beggar. 

Fight for the Youth

In some small shops, it is reasonable to sell alcohol illegally to young people. All young people know about such places. While such rules are neglected, we are losing hope for a brighter future. To earn money becomes more important than someone’s health and wellbeing. Fake money will at least reduce the revenue of the shop.

Now, you see that there are always two sides to the coin. However, you should think about your safety. The punished party will never inform the police about the counterfeit money because they are doing illegal things themselves. To make sure that your noble intentions will not be disclosed, follow these rules:

  • No personal or visual information left. Be unremarkable, invisible.
  • Be a hero far away. Use another district or city, not the area where you live.
  • One small step at a time. Do not try to use all the fake money you have in one place. People are too suspicious.

We do not encourage you to use counterfeit money, but you should know that you can always do something good and win.

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